LED is a light-emitting diode skincare treatment that uses red and blue light. this is not UV light and is safe, non invasive, painless and beneficial for the skin.

LED help treat and improve skin aging, helps stimulate collagen production and reduces redness and  inflammation in the skin and can help treat acne by killing acne causing bacteria.

LED therapy can be added to any facial or hydrafacial or can be done as a stand alone treatment. It can also be done as a series over 4 to 8 weeks to treat certain skin concerns more in depth.


LED Package 250$ (Buy 5 get one FREE)
LED light therapy is recommended as a series of treatments once or twice per week when a specific skin care result is desired. P
*each treatment is 30min and recommended at a minimum of once per week 

Vie LED Infusion Treatment 189$
The Vie LED Infusion Treatment is packed full of the relaxation benefits you've come to know an love from our facials making it perfect for those who need a serious adult time out! This treatment is revitalizing and rejuvenating for the skin reducing redness and inflammation and brightening dull looking skin.

LED Single Treatment 50$ (30min)
Curious about LED or just want to try it out? This is for you!

LED add on 35$  (15min)
Add the benefits of LED light therapy to any spa facial

*please mention at time of booking as it requires extra time 


** Prices subject to change without notice **

** All prices are subject to applicable taxes**