Spa Facials


Oxypeeling + 195$
Two facials in one! All of the amazing benefits of the Oxypeeling Facial PLUS the added customization to treat dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles, lack of vitality and radiance or dullness and dark spots    


Multi Peel Treatment 195$
Mild peel that is fully customizable to treat different disfunction at once and offers a fantastic exfoliation of the skin. Leaves the skin glowing and is packed with relaxation.


Vie LED Infusion Treatment 195$
The Vie LED Infusion Treatment is packed full of the relaxation benefits you've come to know and love from our facials making it perfect for those who need a serious adult time out! This new treatment is revitalizing and rejuvenating for the skin. It reduces redness and inflammation and brightens dull looking skin.


Signature Facial 149$
This is our original facial. The one that started it all. It is customized to your skins' needs, restoring it's natural balance and glow. It's packed with massage and will leave you and your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 


Vie.I.P Luxe Facial 145$
Spend an hour resting and revitlalizing your soul while we give your skin the care it needs and deserves. This facial includes a gentle peel, high frequency serum infusion, sheet mask, cryo stick massage, neck & decoletté and hand & arm massages. You can expect everything you've come to know and love from our facials!
($99+HST for members)

Teen Facial 129$ (12 to 19 yrs old)
Deep cleansing, purifying and revitalizing


Rejuvenating Eye Treatment Add On 26$
This treatment is refreshing and soothing for the eye contour. The skin is firmer, wrinkles diminished and puffiness reduced.


** Prices subject to change without notice **