Meet The Team


Meet Samantha, our Front Desk Manager.
She will be the first person you see when you come in. You probably spoke to her on the phone, or had her respond to your emails; so you know her already! Samantha will be available to book your future appointments and answer any questions you may have.
Some fun facts about Samantha:
  • I am obsessed with coffee, especially caramel iced coffee. I’m pretty sure coffee runs in my veins and is how I function

  • I have a 6 year old daughter who is my world. Her nickname is Buttercup, it comes from The Princess Bride which I watched on repeat when I was pregnant with her

  • I used to live in Jasper, right at the base of a mountain. I loved living there and would go for hikes weekly and enjoyed being in nature. My favourite place on earth!



Meet Bryanne, our Junior Esthetician!

An esthetics graduate from Algonquin College, Bryanne is taking on new clients to help them see their beauty from the inside out with beautiful and healthy skin.

Some fun facts about Bryanne:

  • My dog only has three legs. His name is Ozzy and he’s a french bulldog

  • I was born in Toronto and I lived in Sudbury for a good part of my childhood

  • I love painting and anything creative. It’s my way of escaping reality and relaxing a little.